Flake Management

Instant and 24/7 remote access

Instant and 24/7 remote access to the boiler control system is a rapid and most convenient way to assist in troubleshooting, acknowledge alarms, and report them to the plant without a physical check – saving time and travel charges. Remote boiler system monitoring can provide detailed reporting if the installed control systems are fitted with the right instruments. 

Automated Sample Collection

HMI Input allows Operator to set the sample collection interval

Automatically collects and weighs a precise sample from each side of the Flaker

Sample is verified to make sure it is within preset tolerances

Sample Results are Recorded and Displayed in HMI

Automated Gap Control

Flake Weight sample is analyzed to determine the variance from the preset desired Flake Density. When a change in Flake Density or Weight is required, the system makes very small precise changes to the gap between the Flaker Rolls to effect that change. Upon Completion of this procedure, the system directs another sample to be taken. The results are analyzed, and the cycle repeated until the Flake Weight variance is within tolerance.

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