Basic Control System

The FlakeBOSS Basic Package is the heart of the FlakeBOSS 2.0 Control Suite.

The FlakeBOSS Basic Package is the heart of the FlakeBOSS 2.0 Control Suite. The Basic Package includes the PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), the HMI (Human Machine Interface) as well as all the sensors and equipment needed to provide the following functionality:

Flaker Control

Start / Stop Control

Sequenced Starting for Dual Motor Application

Monitoring, Datalogging and Trending for Amps on Flaker Motors

Monitoring, Datalogging and Trending for Flaker Bearing Temperatures

Monitor and Report Run Hours on Flaker Motors

Peg Feeder Control

Start / Stop Control

Manual / Auto Speed Control

Interlocked Run Permissive with Downstream Conveyance Equipment

Monitor and Report Peg Feeder Run Hours

Rolls Open / Close

Manual / Auto – Open / Close functionality

Interlocked Close Permissive with Peg Feeder Run Proof

Automatic Start / Stop of Hydraulic Pump as Needed

Steam Chest Temperature Monitoring

Includes up to 6 Digital Sensor to be placed in the Steam Chest

Monitoring, Datalogging, and Trending for Temperatures in selectable

Steam Chest Temperature Control

Includes (1) Modulating Steam Control Valves

Includes (5) ON/OFF Control Valve

Safety Circuits

Monitor Downstream Conveyance Equipment for Run Proof

Monitor that Flaker Motor Amps are within HMI Setpoint Parameters

Monitor for Low Level Condition in Steam Chest

Flaker Protection Devices

Monitor and Trend Bearing Temperature Sensors

Control and Monitor Automatic Bearing Greasing System (if provided with Flakers)

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