Your connected industrial system, available anywhere.



Receive alarms about any critical condition of your industrial system straight on your phone or computer with Text Messages or Email notifications.

Real-time data

View up-to-the-minute data of any statistics on your industrial system on any device, anywhere.

Historical data

View or export historical data of your industrial system from now to any time in the past.

Why FlakeData?
Tank 1 Level



Real-time Data

Your industrial system communicates directly to DataBoss to provide you real-time data of your system on a mobile device or computer.
Intuitive, exportable, and customizable reports are available for you to view and analyze your data.

DataBoss alarm:
West Flaker has a Low Temperature



Get instantly notified, no matter where you are, by text or email of any active alarms about the state of your industrial system.

Access to DataBoss requires a stable internet connection between your device and us.
Your site must have a stable internet connection to us for DataBoss functionality.