FlakeBoss 2.0

Innovative steam flaking technology.

New feature

DataBoss and your FlakeBoss system make a great pair.
Receive up-to-the-minute access of your system's temperatures, tank levels and many more statistics, view and export reports of your system's activity, and many more features.

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Safety by design

View indications of equipment status, built-in alarming features and safety monitoring and cutoffs of temperature, pressure and speed helps keep your staff and equipment safe.

Data in real-time

View real-time data of power draw, temperatures, pressures, and many other statistics on the FlakeBoss HMI or via FlakeData.

Intelligent control

Constantly monitoring temperature, pressure and load and automatically adjusts accordingly to maintain consistency.

Automated processes

Preheating, cooking, startup, shutdown and many other processes that previously was done manually, is now done automatically by the FlakeBoss system.